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Jazz Pants & Bellbottoms   Harem Pants

Fitted at the top, with a comfortable band that dips below the
belly button (or our "hiphugger style" is cut down 2" and is straight across), these pants are great for dance or streetwear. The bottom hem flares slightly in a “boot cut.”

Or..... go full and fabulous with our Bellbottoms! Add flair and pizazz to your dancing with this hot style that features gores on the inside & outside seams.

If you like the bellbottoms but think they're a bit tooooo full, try this new style! The flare is only on the outside. A perfect compromise.

- Select your style (jazz, modified bellbottom, bellbottom, etc.)
- Select your fabric type/color
- Select regular or hiphugger style


Regular Stretch Fabric
Fancy Stretch Fabric
Jazz Pants
Modified Bellbottoms
Slit Bellbottoms
Chiffon Gore Bellbottoms
Modified Chiffon Gore Bellbottoms
Peek-a-Boo cut-outs (add to any style)
+ $10 for one side
+ $15 for two sides
BOOTY BAND (add to any style)
2" wider waist band in the back - cool!
+ $5.00 to style
+ $5.00 to style
Ruffle Pants $95.00 $100.00
Lace Up Pants $95.00 $100.00
Bloomers $49.00 $53.00
Draped Bloomers $54.00 $58.00
Ruffle Slit Bellbottoms $105.00 $110.00

- We need your low hip measurement (fullest part) and inseam.
- XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL (see below for guidelines)

We need the Low Hip measurement (measure the fullest part of the hips):
32-34 inches

34-37 inches

38-41 inches

42-45 inches

45-50 inches

51-56 inches
$4 extra
Average Inseams: 28"-34" (less than 28" or more than 34" is not returnable... 30" is the default inseam)


Classic Trumpet Skirt
Cotton Lycra Jazz Pants
with a velvet waistband
Classic Trumpet Skirt
Modified Bellbottoms

Classic Trumpet Skirt

Slit Bellbottoms

Slit Bellbottoms

Come standard hiphugger with a foldover waistband. Seen here in charcoal cotton lycra combined with a Ruched, Ruffled Mini Skirt in purple cotton lycra.

Classic Trumpet Skirt
Wavy Lace Bellbottoms over Metalskin Bellbottoms
(two pairs of pants worn together)

lace over metalskin

Please note: The wavy lace is only available in the red while supplies last. The picture above is what the floral stretch lace looks like over the metalskin.


Classic Trumpet Skirt
Peek-a-Boo Pants
| add $15.00 to the price of your pants|

This is a fabulous addition to our Jazz Pants,
Modified Bellbottoms or Bellbottoms. Three holes start
large and get smaller on the way down... so sexy!

Classic Trumpet Skirt

Chiffon Gore Bellbottoms
| add $10 for 2 chiffon gores (modified bellbottoms |
| add $15 for 4 chiffon gores (bellbottoms) |

By popular demand! So swishy and spectacular.
Choose chiffon gores to match the pants or mix it up.

ruffle pants

Ruffle Pants
Mix and match ruffle fabrics for your very own look!

Seen here in white cotton lycra with a middle ruffle in white wavy lace, and a white mini ruffle skirt.

lace up

Lace up Slit Bellbottoms
Available in cotton lycra and metalskin only!

Seen here in Burgundy cotton lycra with the Simple Eyelet Tape.


--Seen here in black cotton lycra with a polka dot ruffle.
---Come in short, average and long lengths. We need your full inseam measurement to find your perfect length!

draped bloomers

Draped Bloomers
Bloomers with style!

These cute new bloomers are longer in back with a touch of ruching at the knee. Come in short, average and long lengths. We need your full inseam measurement to find your perfect length!


Lace Up OptionsLace up option for our various styles. ($5 - $10 more for the ring stud option depending on the item!)

lace up pinstripe

Lace up Mini skirt and Lace up Slit Bellbottoms
Seen here in our brand new black and white pinstripe, with the mini skirt laced together with the pants.

ruffle pants combo

Jessica in the new Black and White Pinstripe ruffle pants, matching quarter top and a purple cotton lycra Banded Dance Bra

ruffle pants

Jessica in double ruffle Slit Bellbottoms (upper ruffle in pinstripe, under ruffle in black floral lace) Add the second ruffle for an extra $20!



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