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Headbands   Leggings

Velvet stretchy head bands to match all of our wonderful garments - the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. All you need is a Trumpet Skirt, Gloves, and a Headband... and perhaps a bra and belt set!

We have three styles ... Simple is a 3" wide band, Wide is a 4" wide band (shown in photo on the left) and Turban is two pieces that are interlocked.... interlock your two index fingers to get the idea of what the twist looks like. Fun!

- Select your fabric color/pattern (regular or fancy stretch fabrics)
- Turban headbands can be made with two colors, one on each side and twisted in the middle, for $7.

- One size ... easy!



Headband Style
Regular or Fancy Fabric
Simple Headband (~2.5")
Wide Headband (~4")
Turban Style Headband (Twisted)
Wide Headband
Simple Headband
Wide Headband
Wide Headband
Wide Headband
Turban Style Headband



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