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Ghawazee Dress  

Beledi Dress

This lovely folkloric-style dress is wonderful when paired with a bra and belt set or with one of our Dance Bras and a Sash. Consider our many sleeve options! There are two neckline options: high (scoop neck), or medium (like our U-Top... below bust).

- Select your fabric type/color
- Sleeve length (default = persian drape sleeves) and sleeve options
- Select neckline (high or medium)
- Cones standard with persian drape sleeves
- Comes standard with two slits on the sides and a slit in front.
- Comes stadard with cold armpits. (optional!)



- Plus size add $10.

Ghawazee Style
Regular Stretch Fabric
Fancy Strech Fabric
Regular Style



- We need 6 measurements for this dress: We need bust (fullest part), waist (smallest part), low hips (fullest part), length from armpit to the waist (smallest part), length (from armpit to mid-calf, or where you'd like the hem to fall), and upper arm measurement. Please submit a full body picture with your order.

Please Note:

- Cold Armpits are optional
- Cabaret cutouts start ~2" below the bra line in the back.
- Please provide any additional measurements/information that you think may give you a better fit! We're happy to discuss what may be needed!

ghawazee dress measurements  


Beledi DressLeggings

Raquel in front and back views of our Ghawazee Dress
with Persian Drape sleeves and a pair of golden harem pants.



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