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Circle Skirts  

Sahina's Class in Circle Skirts

Sahina's Classes in Satin Circle skirts and assorted metalskin tops. http://www.sahinabellydance.com/

These full circle skirts are twirly and fabulous and are an excellent costume basic. Each type of fabric has its own character... Chiffon is drapey and see-through, Satin is heavier and has a lustrous shine (and has a great sound and ripple through the air when you spin), China Silk is light and floaty, and the Hand-Painted China Silk has an incredible texture. Our Circle Skirts are slit completely to the waistband on both sides. We can sew the sides up by request - just ask.

The waistband is elastic within a casing and is pinned so you can adjust it to fit just right. We recommend sewing the elastic securely after you have it sized perfectly!

Please note: circle skirts are cut on the bias (the diagonal weave of the fabric). They may stretch a little bit over time, although we try to factor this lengthening into our skirt pattern. Thanks!

- Select your fabric type/color
- Select Regular or Professional Style (see below)
- The double circle skirts are both be the same length, or we can make the top layer shorter!


What's the difference between the Regular & Professional Style?
The regular circle skirt is made of two half-circle panels joined together on a waistband, and the professional style is made of three half-circle panels joined on a waistband, with the back two panels sewn together. Both are pretty... the professional style is a little fuller and twirlier, and looks great with the lightweight chiffon or silk fabric.


Fabric Type
Regular Style
Professional Style
Chiffon Circle Skirt
Satin Circle Skirt
China Silk Circle Skirt
Hand Painted China Silk Circle Skirt
Double Chiffon Circle Skirt
Double Chiffon and Satin Circle Skirt
Stretch Circle Skirt *new*
$120.00 - regular style, fancy fabric

- We just need your skirt length for Circle Skirts. Measure from where you'd like the waistband to where you'd like the hem to fall (usually about 1" from the floor)
- All of our silk, and most of our chiffon and satin is 45" wide. If your skirt length is over 39" (the max possible with this width of the fabric) we can make it to the length you need by adding a piece of fabric to the top of the skirt (usually covered up by a belt).
- These skirts are custom made and are non-returnable, please measure carefully! If you need advice on how to acurately measure please call or e-mail us.



Chiffon Circle Skirt
Shoshanna in a regular style Chiffon Circle Skirt
| Regular Style: $40.00 | Professional Style: $57.50 |
Satin Circle Skirt
Julie in a regular style Satin Circle Skirt
| Regular Style: $45.00 | Professional Style: $62.50 |
Chiffon Circle Skirt
Raquel in a regular style China Silk Circle Skirt
| Regular Style: $80.00 | Professional Style: $110.00 |
Hand Painted Silk Circle Skirt
Hand Painted Silk Circle Skirt
| Regular Style: $105.00 | Professional Style: $150.00 |

stretch circle skirt

New! Stretch Circle Skirt with a waistband in the same fabric. Seen here in the Dusty Rose Crushed Velvet. We need your Low hip, High hip, and Length measurement for this skirt.


stretch cirlce skirt

Eirene from NY in a Teal Metalskin Stretch Circle Skirt and matching Gauntlet Gloves.





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