L. Rose Designs Private Sales...

Teachers, New for 2010!!!!

Vending at Cairo Carnivale

IIf you live in Oregon or Northern California, we will be happy to come and have a private sale especially for you. This is a great opportunity for your students to check out our new styles, see the fabrics, and be measured. We also offer a 10% discount on any purchases at our private sales. These sales are by appointment only, and here are our requirements:

Must be held on Saturday
Must have at least a 12x12 foot space (May be a home, dance studio, etc.)
Space must be available all day to allow for set up, take down, and actual sale time
Suggested sale time is 12pm-4pm in the afternoon
Only one sale will be held per month, so schedule your spot now!

Ask us about ourTeacher Rewards Program and how it can further benefit you!!!

Special Bonus: Make it a fun filled day of shopping and dance! World class teacher Shoshanna will be happy to do a workshop in conjunction with our special sale (according to her availability)! See workshop topics here: http://www.shoshannaland.com/workshops.html






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