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Alexandra King - Santa Barbara, California
Anaheed - Southern California
Behind the Veil - Barbara Lenschmidt - Springfield, Ohio
Bellydance Odyssey - Vashti in Santa Cruz, California
Boulder Bellygrams - Boulder, Colorado
Dalia Carella, New York, New York
Jen, Puerto Rico
Jim Boz - San Diego, California
Katayoun Hutson - Sterling, Virginia
Khalila Zahar -Arcata, California
Marjorie - Colorado
Marisela -
Marlena Shaw, Santa Ana, California
Martiya Possession - dance troupe
Najida - Michigan
Nicoliana - Temple City, California
Raks Rosa, Santa Rose, California
Nicola, Canada
Rasheika, Arcata CA
Razia - Eugene, Oregon
The Red Camel - St. Louis, Missouri - ethnic and tribal jewelry for bellydancers
Sarah Skinner - New York, New York
Sirena Sultana - Mystic, Connecticut
Shoshanna - Arcata, California
Sirens In Sanity - Benecia, California
Suhaila Salimpour - Berkeley, California
Zaheea - Sacramento, California
Zorba - The Veiled Male... Santa Cruz, California

Denver Fabrics - for Belly Dance Costumes and Dancewear - Patterns and fabric for belly dancing including nylon/Lycra stretch knits, metallics, velvet, and silk. Also sewing notions and trims. And all at discounted prices.
Designs by Janie - costumes, accessories, and more...
Fatima's Bazaar - she has at least 50 of everything!
The Red Camel - St. Louis, Missouri - ethnic and tribal jewelry for bellydancers
Silk Spirit - incredible painted silk veils and theatre backdrops
Sugar Petals - appliques, costume accessories, costume pieces, and more!
Tootsie's Ballroom Shoes - the best shoes around! Shoshanna's favorite. Beautiful, comfortable, and even well-priced! Hundreds of styles.

The Art of Middle Eastern Dance - extensive site created and managed by Shira
Gilded Serpent - Online Magazine
Bhuz.com - discussion boards and more

Rakkasah West , Richmond, CA
Redwood Coast Bellydance Festival, Arcata, CA
Cairo Carnivale - Glendale, CA
Med Fest - Seattle, CA
Desert Dance Festival - San Jose, CA




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