L. Rose Designs Frequently Asked Questions...

A few answers to some L. Rose Designs questions we often get -- If you have a question that you think others might also have, please email them to us at lrose@lrosedesigns.com anytime.


Does L. Rose Designs sell wholesale?
Sorry, but no we don't. We get asked all of the time to do wholesale orders, but we're so busy with the retail orders that we receive daily and trying to maintain some stock for vending that there just aren't enough hours in the day to do wholesale as well.

How should I wash my L. Rose Designs dancewear?
Velvet and nylon lycra garments can all be washed on the knit setting in a standard washing machine and can be put in the dyer as well. Stretch velvet can really "take a beating" and should be fine for many washings!
Twilight velvet, metallic, cotton lycra, and lace fabrics: these should all be handwashed very gently. For fabrics with glitter, turn the garment inside out, and try to minimize "scrubbing" so that the glitter doesn't come off via abrasion. Lay flat to dry.

How about my Chiffon or Satin Circle Skirt?
Chiffon skirts are 100% polyester, but the fabric is somewhat fragile. We recommend hand washing in cool or lukewarm water, rinse, and dry flat. Since circle skirts are cut on the bias (on a diagonal to the weave of the fabric), the hem may get longer and uneven if you hang it to dry. All of our circle skirts (satin, china silk, and chiffon) are cut on the bias, and if you notice the hem is uneven it's not due to the construction, just the natural effect of gravity on the fabric. To prevent this, always dry flat, and don't store hanging for long periods of time.

Oh no! I got a stain on my new tie-dyed silk veil - is it ruined?
Probably not. All of our silk veils have already gone through a washing machine - that's why they're so soft. Therefore, they won't get water stains. If you gently hand wash the veil you can probably lift stains. Don't worry - the dye won't come out and the colors won't fade. Just be careful not to "scrub" the fabric too hard - it is delicate, lightweight silk. If you use a dryer, be sure to use fabric softener!

Can I iron my satin or silk L. Rose Designs garments?
Yes -- just put the iron on to a middle setting, or onto the "silk" setting if your iron has one. For satin, iron on the back side of the fabric and don't be worried if the fabric color changes as you iron it - it's only temporary and will return to normal. Steaming is another great option.

How Do I Take My Measurements?
Follow this link for our complete Sizing Guide, but here are a few general tips. For the bust and hip measurements, measure the fullest part. This is the very biggest part (around the rear end for the low hip)! Also, when figuring out your length for skirts, consider whether you like to wear it at your hips or waist, and if you will be barefoot or in high heels -- then measure accordingly! Another tip - have a friend do your measurements - it's very hard to get accurate results when measuring yourself.

For Trumpet Skirts, customers are often happiest if they give a skirt measurement on the long side. Happy ordering!




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