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Fancy Stretch Fabrics: 2-way Stretch
These fabrics are used for mini skirts, straight skirts, boleros, and gloves . They are NOT suitable for pants, tops, or dresses.


We do not sell fabric yardage of any kind. We sell finished garments only. Thank you!
Colors here may not reflect actual fabric colors precisely. This is merely to give you an idea.
Visit our list of coordinating fabric ideas for lots of matching possibilities. Enjoy!

Fabric availablity and color dye lot may vary.
Something you ordered in the past may not match the fabric we currently have.
We're happy to send a current sample to help you match and/or coordinate!
Samples: 1-5 = Free, 6-10 = $5.00, more than 10 or for a full set (of same type of fabric) = $10.00


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silver scales
navy stripe
purple tie dye ruffle
white scalloped ruffle
Silver Scales (new!)
Navy Stripe Cotton Stretch ***limited***
Purple and Pink Tie Dye Ruffles
Black and White Ruffles
White Scalloped Ruffles
pink scalloped ruffle
white cha-cha
printed ruffle
Pink Scalloped Ruffles
Black Cha-Cha Ruffles
White Cha-Cha Ruffles
Red Cha-Cha

Printed Ruffles ***limited***













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